HTML parser written in PEG.

I've been introducing myself and experimenting with the concept of creating my own programming language. Not a real one of course, but something more like CoffeeScript or SASS which compiles down to another language.

Rather than using Jison (which CoffeeScript was built using) I've decided to settle for something called Canopy. Canopy is a JavaScript PEG parser compiler and differs from Jison in that it doesn't actually handle the processing of a resulting tree, it just spits out the tree. I really like the concept of separating the expressions from the types.

I threw together a quick example to demonstrate how to write a nested expression using PEG. I settled on a really basic HTML parser, which you can check out on GitHub. I've only taken it as far as the tree, I haven't written any JavaScript to manipulate the resulting tree as yet.

Here is the PEG grammar, which Canopy takes and turns into a JavaScript file which you can run in Node (or Rhino) or the browser.

grammar HTML
    document          <-   (doctype / text / tag)*
    tag               <-   open_tag (text / tag)* close_tag
    open_tag          <-   "<" [0-9a-zA-Z \"'=-]+ ">"
    close_tag         <-   "</" [0-9a-zA-Z]+ ">"
    doctype           <-   "<!DOCTYPE " [0-9a-zA-Z]+ ">"
    text              <-   [^<]+