A Markdown proposal: section

This is a proposal to John Gruber and the Markdown community.

But first, I'd like to proclaim my love for Markdown. I really do love it. I can't get enough. I've even developed my own web application to enable Markdown documents to be synced between my computer and iPad - just so I can write notes in Markdown. The content of this website is also written in Markdown.

I know people have extended Markdown over time, with some reaching popularirty including gfm and Markdown Extra. But this is a proposal that I think needs to be added to Markdown's core syntax. Let's face it, HTML has moved on (read: HTML5), and so it only makes sense that our favourite HTML authoring language should too!

I'm proposing the ability to define a section. A section when converted to HTML would be translated to a <section> tag, with a h1. A section should be seen as a hierachy above headings, just like the <section> tag in HTML5.

Here are a couple of examples:

== Section heading


Section heading

would produce:

<section><h1>Section heading</h1></section>

The above proposal maintains the easy-to-read, easy-to-write plain text format mantra of Markdown.

I chose two equal signs (==) because they carry more weight than dashes (--) and provide a visual priority over headings when reading or writing Markdown in plain text.

So John, what do you think?