My first attempt at Haxe

I've been aware of Haxe for some time. Up until now, I've mostly wanted to target Flash so I just didn't bother with it. Recently, I've been looking into ways to target iOS and Android from the one code base and stumbled across NME.

NME is a framework built on top of Haxe. It enables you to target Flash, iOS, Android, JavaScript and even HTML5; all from the one source. Sounds too good to be true, so I decided to give it shot.

I wrote a quick script that randomly outputs squares on the stage, just something simple.

The source

You should be able to get it to build cleanly with any of the following:

nme test project.nmml flash
nme test project.nmml html5
nme test project.nmml ios -simulator

SWF output

iOS devices won't show this version :)

HTML5 output