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Below is a summary of my professional experience. You can download my resume in PDF format, or you can view my LinkedIn profile which is the most detailed.


I am a passionate individual who thrives on owning my endeavours and striving for change. I have the ability and drive to be primarily self taught. All of these elements have aided my personal and professional success over the years. Leadership and continuously seeking improvement and change has meant my beginning as a developer has evolved to being a successful business owner.

Core Strengths and Transferrable Skills

The following are skills I've developed throughout my career and are valuable assets that I can apply to future opportunities.


Leadership is not a skill that comes naturally to all, I am fortunate enough to have honed my leadership skills over many years and at many levels within business. It does not matter if you're leading a team of developers, project managers or an entire business, the fundamentals apply to all types of leadership.

Technical acumen

I developed a passion for technology at a young age, and was fortunate enough to have the means to explore it. It is now central to what I do. I have a deep and experienced understanding of technology as applied to websites, mobile devices, software development and engineering, and marketing.


Most of my professional career has included positions within management, and if not, leading a team. Successful management includes communicating clear goals with your team, following up on these goals and understanding what drives individuals to work productively within the team and achieve the desired outcomes.


I intricately understand business, having owned and managed my own business over 10 years. As Managing Director of The Memphis Agency we met +$1.2m revenue targets. My knowledge of competition, the market, economics and organisational elements including revenue, profit, efficiency and customer and employee satisfaction is extensive.